Addis Ababa - 13 months of Sunshine

A few years back, I had a great opportunity to travel to Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, for a work assignment. Known as the place with 13 months of sunshine, due to its pleasant weather and 12 equal months of 30 days & 1 month of 5 days.

The city itself is a reflection of modern upcoming African nation. The people are extremely warm and friendly. Its home to some of the oldest human civilizations. At night, the streets get busy with prostitutes lined up on the roads. 

One of the key attractions in the city is the Ethiopian National Museum which houses the fossilized skeleton of Dinkinesh, or Lucy.Apart from that city has few noted catherdrals, many cafes & restaurants to enjoy local and global cuisines.

I was also lucky to witness the Meskel festival, where thousands of people gather to celebrate & burn large bonfires.

A day trip to Entoto Hill, Debre Libanos or Meganesha National park is highly recommended.

Ethiopian food is rich with spicy meat dishes and Injera, the local flat bread. The coffee is freshly roasted & enjoyed throughly by the locals. The unique drink of mixing coffee & tea was had a refreshing taste! Tej, honey wine, packs in some punch of alcohol!

Freshly roasted coffee


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