Porto - the taste of port wine

bright town through cobbled streets where wine is cherished, Porto packs in a many things for a small travel destination.

Famous for its Port wines, Porto is a charming little town best explored on foot. However, this being our first trip with 2 year old daughter, we had a stroller & her to carry. Luckily Uber is very accessible & cheap - only 2 to 4 Euro within the town.

We started our day in from the historic centre from Torre Clergiaos and made our way through the University, Church & the Loveria Liberia. There is always a huge queue to enter the library, and unless you are a die hard Harry Potter fan, you can give it a skip as it is pretty small from inside. You can also opt for a walking tour of the city. Post lunch we headed down the hill to Riberira - the river front. It's extremely lively with many options for food, shopping & boat cruise. The best way to soak in the vibe of the city is to sit at one of the river side restaurants, have some local wine & octopus.

One thing you cant miss in Porto is tasting the Francheschina - a lovely meat & cheese loaded Portugese sandwich topped with some thick brown sauce.

Next day we went to the other side of river to where all the local Port wine cellars line up the riverfront. Get in for wine tasting tour or in the Mercado for some quick bites. You get some colorful views of the city from this side of the river. In the evening, we went to shopping street of Porto; Santa Catarina which offered a good variety from local street shopping to big brands.

If you have time, a Douro valley wine tour is also recommended by locals. But, we moved to our next destination, Lisbon by train which is about 3 hours from Porto.


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