Pick Pocketing in Europe

Pick pocketing is rampant across Europe, and its hard to believe unless you have been the victim. Here are three tales of being robbed across 3 different countries with first hand account and all in public transport.

Incident 1 - Paris, France
Victim - Self
Where - Metro
Wife and I were just returning back from a long day of sightseeing in Paris. While getting in the metro, few kids tried innocently to block the way. As soon as the doors closed I realized my wallet has been picked. By the time I got out at next station, and called the bank to block my credit card, it was already swiped for USD 1000. While I did make a police complaint but was of no gain.

Incident 2 - Pisa, Italy
Victim - Friend
Where - Bus
We along with a couple were traveling Italy. After completing a tour of Pisa, we caught a local bus for 15 min ride to Pisa Station. Again, a few kids tried entering bus behind us and snapped the wallet from my friends purse. She realised at the station that her wallet having USD 2000 has been picked in the bus.

Incident 3 - Barcelona, Spain
Victim - Colleague
Where - Metro
My colleague on landing in Barcelona, took the airport train to city centre. While taking his luggage in the train, he noticed few guys pushing bag and blocking way. In some time I the train he realised his wallet is missing and lost USD 500.

All 3 incidents highlight the unsafe nature of European public transport for tourists and fact that you need to be very careful with your cash and valuables while travelling.