Vibrant Hong Kong!

A multi-cultural financial hub in Asia, built over islands and hills, Hong kong has a long history with its larger the parent – China. Hong kong welcomes you with a tall skyline, rich cuisine, a vibrant life - a city on the slopes!

Lantau is the largest island hosting the international airport and the Disneyland. So if you are travelling with your family and kids then this becomes a great way to either start or end your holiday. There are not many stay option, Silvermine Hotel being one of them. Spend time in the amazing Disneyland bringing the child in you back to life. Or visit the Big Buddha, village, Silver Mine bay, Discovery bay, Wisdom path and the beaches. Lantau also provides some breath taking views and trekking options.

Hongkong Island
You can either stay on the mainland or the island in Hong kong. We chose the island because that’s where majority of the attractions and hotels are. Hong kong’s hotels are expensive and small, so getting a decent room at a fair price is a challenge. Spend time on the island roaming around the small alleys, tasting local food and bakery and absorbing the vibe of the city. Take the huge multi-level escalator through the city centre to reach the top. You can visit the pier during night for some beautiful views of the city. As the moon rises, head to the Soho district to enjoy the night life.
You can hop around in the trams or taxi or the MTR on the island – all cheap, fast and convenient modes of travel.
Next day, early morning around 9 AM, head to the Victoria Peak tram station and take the iconic tram up the mountain to some breath taking views of the city. There are huge queues upto 2+ hours as the day progresses; hence try reaching the station as early as you can. Once on the top, visit the shopping mall or just city in the cafes or roof-tops to enjoy the skyscrapers on one side and sea with green islands on the other.

We planned to try our luck in the second half of the day and headed to Macau. The ferry to Macau costs around HKD 375 for a return trip and takes about 1 hour to reach. Macau also has huge historic side dominated by the Portuguese culture and you may even want to spend one entire day in the city. Remember to carry your passport as you would be officially exiting and re-entering Hongkong.
Ask the cabbie to take you to the Ruins of St Paul first and then leisurely make your way down to the Senado Square. Enroute, visit the bakeries selling the amazing cookies and spiced pork jerkies, shopping, churches and architecture.
You would have reached Casino Lisbosa by the end of your walking tour and which is where you can start your gambling night! Hop casinos like MGM, Wynx and others to experience the high stakes. Macau tables start with quite a high Minimum bet; Blackjack for eg is range of 300 to 500 HKD! Which means either you are very rich or you are able to draw only few games on a tight budget.

Last day in Hong Kong we spent on the mainland starting by taking the historic “Star Ferry” from Island pier. Spend time on the TST promenade, high end luxury shopping as well as Ladies night market for some great steals. This is also a great place to get your hands on authentic Chinese street food and experiment with delicacies like snake soup in Mongkok.

Hong Kong left us with some great memories from the skyline and bright casinos, unique delicacies and a city full of life.


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